FHA Condominium Review Services

  • FHA Approval Review for Existing Condominiums
  • FHA Recertification Reviews
  • New Construction/Condominium Conversion Reviews
  • Phasing Reviews for FHA

Why use Condo Approval Professionals to obtain an FHA Approval or FHA Recertification for your Condominium Association?

FHA has very specific and strict documentation requirements in order for a Condominium Project to become FHA-approved, and the process and procedures can be confusing and time-consuming.  This is where the Project Specialists at Condo Approval Professionals shine!

The staff at Condo Approval Professionals has over 25 years of experience in reviewing and submitting Condominium Project Review Packages of all types to FHA for their review and approval.  Since the formation of Condo Approval Professionals in 2009, we have assisted with 1000’s of FHA Approvals and FHA Recertifications, for condominium associations in all 50 states, large and small!

The FHA Review process begins with the CAPs Quick Qualification, our free pre-qualification to determine initial eligibility for FHA guidelines. Once our Project Review Specialists have reviewed the Pre-Qualification documentation, we discuss any red flags that may prevent or delay the approval process to rectify them up-front.

The review and subsequent submission to FHA/approval process takes approximately 4-6 weeks, once we have received all the required documentation that has been requested.

VA Condominium Review Services

The VA review/approval process begins with completion of the following questionnaire.  The VA review, and subsequent submission/approval process takes approximately 6 weeks, once we have received all the required documentation that has been requested. A VA approval is a one-time approval and does not require any renewals or re-certifications.

Interested in utilizing our VA Services?

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